It is interesting that with all the complications in the human body, there is also an underlying simplicity. This of course has been dispensed with by the media and mainstream medical industry as there is no money to be made from the simplicity story. Fact is that if the blood is clean and pure and at the right pressure for the host body, then the level of health experienced is great. Now what about all the other diseases? Interestingly blood is at its best in a healthy body. So what are we saying? We get the blood right and we get everything else right. Well there are minor technicalities but the statement is correct.

Does this mean we only need to address the blood issues to restore health to the whole body? Well we have a history of efforts and attempts at various approaches and the results are there but what we need to do now is recreate those and other attempts using various herbs and methods under more closely controlled circumstances to evaluate to some type of scale. the other problem is that everybody is different so we need some way of adjusting the scale or grouping into body types. Blood types could create a further complication. So anyone with information is welcome to come forward and share your knowledge or experiences.

We do go into a certain amount of detail in the other pages so i do not want to get too carried away here. So some of the stories about blood should be told. A friend has studied blood and the effects on blood of one of the Beck frequency generators used in some healing practices. It is known as a useful tool in the blood cleansing process along with a number of herbs and spices and some foods. As you would know the drop of blood put between the slivers of glass for viewing under a microscope will live for maybe a day or so depending upon the health of the donor. However a person using the frequency generator has recorded blood on the glass slides living up to 24 days. We will chase this fact up some more and try to establish the connections between pure healthy blood and any sample from diseased bodies. A point to note here is that it can be dangerous using the frequency generators if you are on regular medication as the fg can have a multiplying effect on the drugs and trigger standard side effects at many times their expected severity.

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